How We’re Different

Homes of the Indian Nation (HOINA) was founded by Darlene Large in 1978.  Darlene believes that every person can make a difference in the life of another.  On that premise, she has committed over 30 years to Indian children and rescued thousands from a life of poverty.


Over the years, Darlene has inspired many others to get involved in the program.  HOINA is managed by volunteers located in the United States and they provide support in various areas of the organization.  These volunteers’  donation of time help ensure that the contributions received from over 400 individuals, service organizations, churches and school groups are used to help the children thereby achieving HOINA’s mission.

HOINA treats all children as part of a family with responsibilities. The children are taught core values such as how to care for and help each other.  The children are taught and encouraged to express themselves through music, dance and visual arts.


Overall, HOINA strives to ensure that each child who leaves HOINA is capable of supporting themselves and committed to helping others less fortunate than themselves.