Special Projects

Audrey Norman Bashore Memorial Scholarship

 This scholarship fund was established by Dr. Robert Bashor Jr. in 2013 in loving memory of Audrey Norman Bashore, his beloved wife of 60 years.  Robert and Audrey visited HOINA in 2000 and embrace HOINA’s goal to develop productive, responsible, and caring members of society that can support themselves and make a positive contribution to their community.

Scholarships will be granted to HOINA high school senior women who wish to pursue post-secondary education.  Audrey was a Lancaster General Hospital Nursing School graduate and the desire is to prioritize available funds
to those females pursuing careers in the medical field.



Christmas for HOINA’s children

Every fall we begin accepting donations to our Christmas fund. We have had a wonderful response in recent years and have been able to provide each child with a gift and a small bonus to our Indian staff who work long hours caring for the children. In addition many sponsors want to do something for their sponsor child at Christmas. We request that you give to our Christmas fund rather than send something directly to your child for three reasons: 1. many gifts don’t arrive safely, 2. it is costly and time consuming to try to ship things to India, and 3. the children who don’t have sponsors or whose sponsors don’t send something feel left out. Please note Christmas with your donation. Thank you for your support.

Jimenez-Bashore Nursing Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bashore Jr. are honoring the memory of Jasmine Marie Jimenez, their granddaughter, through the creation of a nursing scholarship for HOINA girls. Jasmine Marie Jimenez, beloved daughter of Jill Marie and Raul Jimenez, was born on March 12, 2008. Jasmine Marie passed away shortly thereafter in her mother’s arms.

Jill Marie and Raul had many dreams for Jasmine Marie. Therefore, it is their hope that young ladies from HOINA receiving this scholarship will be able to fulfill their dreams of being a nurse; be someone who will care for the community in a spirit of compassion, innovation, and commitment, and: make a positive difference in people’s lives and the future of their community.

Donations are being accepted to this fund. Please note Jimenez-Bashore Nursing Scholarship with your donation.