Our Children

HOINA accepts children from all castes, creeds, and religions. Each child is handicapped, orphaned, or destitute when admitted to the HOINA homes.  Typically, children are referred to HOINA by social workers, pastors, village elders, and word of mouth. For just $35 a month, you can sponsor a child to provide all their basic care. Sponsor a child below, or click to read about some of our children in need.


going to school

Poor economic, social, and health conditions are common factors that families encounter that lead to orphan hood.   For example, many children are in situations where a single mother or grandmother cannot afford to feed and care for their children. In addition, HIV/AIDS, alcohol abuse, poor access to health care, and dangerous working conditions result in many children becoming orphaned at a young age.  There are also times when children are brought to HOINA to prevent relatives from selling the child into servant hood. Lastly, in a few situations, children may be admitted and stay at the home until a parent is able to support themselves and their family.


HOINA’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty by developing young adults who will contribute to society and to the welfare of others. Accordingly, we devote a lot of effort and resources to education so that as young adults HOINA’s children are able to support themselves.