The HOINA homes are located on twenty two acres in rural Kothasunkarampalem  village,  which is six km. from Kottavalesa, in the Vizianagaram Distrist, A.P. It is approximately 20 miles from Visakhapatnam, which is on the eastern coast of India. The property contains the two children’s homes, as well as orchards, gardens, guest house, staff house and the dairy cow project. Both homes have mosaic tile artwork through the facilities designed by former and current HOINA children.

The girls’ home contains four dormitories,  a nursery, two  offices, a library, computer room, a study room, medical room,  kitchen and dining room,  a prayer room, a playroom, a laundry, two storage rooms,  housemother’s room toilets and  rabbit house.  There are four courtyards where the children can play and study. Outside there is a  playground and monkey house, as well as a storage shed, gazebo, tikki hut for resting and meeting, playground, small park in a mango grove, duck pond and cricket field as well as an outside theater.   This home has space for 100 girls and a garage for parking .    

The boys’ home, located on the same property, contains five dormitories, a kitchen and dining room, medical room with attached toilet, library, three offices, computer  room ,tailoring room,  and playroom. This building also has four courtyards for play and study and  a large bird house.  This home houses 100 boys HOINA Boys Home Outside  there is a tikki hut where visitors and staff and children can rest, and a playing field and playground.  There is also a shed for storage.

A chapel is located on a seven acre property in Pandarangapuram Village near Bapatla.  The Chapel is used to serve daily hot lunches to 40 elderly widows.

We just finished a new vocational school where we hope to educate those people searching to learn a trade such as cooking, tailoring, plumbing, and electrical.










In addition to the Indian facilities, HOINA maintains an office in the U.S. at 1947 Division Hwy, Ephrata, PA 17552. This space is provided for us by LM Martin, Inc. at no cost to HOINA. Our founder, Darlene Large maintains an office in her home in St. Charles, MO.